Case Studies

Case studies illustrate our experience in meeting client goals

  1. Hospital CEO meeting gives two-year lead in managed care
  2. Hedge fund gains access to leading hospitals
  3. Orthopedics company triples leads
  4. Low-cost cancer diagnostics study yields $10 million return
  5. Quick angioplasty customer success study thwarts market share loss
  6. One-day priorities session guides divisions for two years


Case #1: Hospital CEO meeting gives two-year lead in managed care

Situation Actions Results
  • Hospital purchasing group gave Fortune 500 medical company an opportunity to present any message to a meeting of hospital CEOs in return for a sponsorship fee.
  • Rather than bore the CEOs talking about their products (which only physicians specified), they accepted our suggestion to address the CEOs’ interests, instead.
  • surveyed needs and interests of CEOs before the meeting through a fax-back questionnaire.
  • presented results at meeting and led a discussion amplifying key topics
  • provided a forum for problem-solving among CEOs.
  • CEOs attending other sessions left their meetings to join our discussions, saying ours was the best session they’d ever attended.
  • Discussion provided Company important insights and a two-year planning lead in managed care.
  • Company then set up a high-profile group of president and 12 regional v.p.s to insure integration success.


Case #2: Hedge fund gains access to leading hospitals

Situation Actions Results
  • Hedge fund owned a diagnostics company with innovative, patented test for osteoporosis. Couldn’t get exposure or evaluations at leading hospitals. Sales were hampered because of lack of testimonials from leading physicians. Fund’s managing principal asked if we could help.
  • Developed a list of the top hospitals in the U.S.
  • Developed a discussion guide inviting them to evaluate test.
  • Made contact first with gatekeepers and then with heads of departments involved.
  • Made 3-5 calls to each department.
  • First 14 hours of calls generated more leads than company could absorb
  • Cost per evaluation generated was much lower than full-time field sales force could have delivered.

"Results have been terrific, definitely exceeding expectations." – C.O.O.


Case #3: Orthopedics company triples leads

Situation Actions Results
  • Orthopedics company needed to increase impact of booth at AAOS (Amer. Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons) trade show on a tight time frame and a small budget. Prior exhibits at AAOS had generated only a few hundred leads each year.
We designed a three-pronged approach to raise awareness and leads generated:
  • Redesigned booth for greater impact,
  • Invited two world leaders in field to give regular presentations at booth, and
  • Surveyed booth attendees via reps on interest in topic, desire for more info, and interest in being investigators.
  • Exhibit at AAOS generated three times the number of leads ever generated at any prior show.
  • Cost per lead generated was less than one-half the cost at any prior year’s exhibit.


Case #4: Low-cost cancer diagnostics study yields $10 million return

Situation Actions Results
  • Group V.P. of client’s international division needed to select best pharmaceutical mfr. to co-market a new cancer diagnostic in Europe.
  • A quick decision was needed—product was almost ready for introduction.
  • Earlier $200,000 investment in market research was a "complete waste of money," according to Group V.P.
  • designed a two-pronged approach to determine which mfrs. had leading shares and which firms were preferred as suppliers.
  • culled specialized database at minimal expense to determine market shares.
  • conducted telephone interviews in ten countries to determine preference.
  • Data were analyzed and recommendations made in one-half the time and at one-tenth the expense management expected.
  • Group V.P. estimated return on they study’s investment at $10 million over three years.


Case #5: Quick angioplasty customer success study thwarts market share loss

Situation Actions Results
  • New Director of Marketing for angioplasty catheters in Europe needed to select among several new product improvement initiatives to pursue.
  • He suspected the main catheter’s market share leadership was being eroded.
  • Little time or money were available to complete the project.
  • determined that several hundred target customers were soon to convene at an annual cardiology convention in Amsterdam.
  • quickly engaged and trained a multi-lingual interview organization to conduct 200 interviews on the exhibit floor of the convention to determine product preferences and improvements needed.
  • Analysis of data revealed a number of unsuspected weaknesses. The catheter would soon be at a future No. 5 position in customers’ minds if several heretofore unidentified problems were not resolved.
  • The specific problems customers identified were addressed and market share was protected.


Case #6: One-day priorities session guides divisions for two years

Situation Actions Results
  • Angiography and angioplasty division heads could not agree on development priorities for projects that used resources utilized by both divisions.
  • Client’s president and COO asked us to facilitate mgt. boards in identifying issues and reaching agreement on priorities for programs affecting their divisions.
  • determined there was no common mgt. board understanding of the key issues facing the divisions.
  • conducted creative problem solving session eliciting major issues & possible solutions.
  • lead the boards to understand and agree on which projects should be addressed first for the greatest impact.
  • The decisions made allowed divisions to grab opportunities which resulted in savings and income of several $millions which dropped directly to the bottom line.
  • The decisions made in this one-day session affected the direction of the divisions for the next two years.


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