We pride ourselves on creating lasting value for all our customers. The following testimonials for GCI's in-depth and actionable consulting results illustrate what we can do for you:

    Investor group says GCI's "knowledge and expertise brought credibility":

    • "We hired Rob for an investment research project and his knowledge and expertise brought credibility and a great perspective. His work was thorough and he completed the stages of the project in a timely and precise manner. I would gladly hire him again."

    —Adam Wayment, Principal at Vici Capital Partners

    Communications company president says "Robert has a unique combination of traits"

    • "Robert has a unique combination of traits that are sometimes exclusive of each other: He is analytical, personable, genuine, experienced, reliable, honest and persuasive."
    • "I can confidently recommend Robert and welcome specific questions."

    --Peter Baron, Owner, Carabiner Communications

    Hedge Fund Principal: GCI’s work is "terrific, definitely exceeding expectations"

    • "Thank you very much for your work—the results have been terrific, definitely exceeding expectations. I also very much appreciate the concise and orderly summaries you’ve sent—this is great in helping us keep track of the contacts. "
    • "Additionally, I am very much impressed with your effectiveness…"

    —Anna Y., Principal, Hedge fund and Chief Operating Officer, diagnostics company

    Public Affairs Director says Rob "contributed key information and findings that have proved critical to our long-term strategic planning.":

    • "Rob contributed key information and findings that have proved critical to our long-term strategic planning. He's a very analytical planner, a team worker and a very skilled trainer/teacher.
    • "He worked really well with outsource companies and other partners in a multi-language and international environment.
    • "He was a great resource to us and helped us to accomplish more than expected in barely 24 months."

    —Rafael G., Director of Public Affairs - Caribbean Area, Worldwide religious organization

    Director of Marketing calls GCI’s information for decision-making "revealing and insightful":

    • "The information he and his staff provided was revealing, insightful and well-formatted to facilitate decisions…
    • "He also contracted detailed, extensive studies that were key to several successful product introductions…
    • "Data provided was used to establish pricing strategies and predict market penetration…
    • "Findings were regularly, and successfully, used to formulate go/no go decisions on products and programs."

    —John P., U.S. Marketing Director, Fortune 500 healthcare firm

    These are just a few examples. Learn more about our expertise.